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The Edge of Eternity

As we follow Jesus in His search for the "one," we find precious souls about to cross over into eternity. Oftentimes, we don't know if they have lived a life full of God's presence, or a life of sin ... so we trust Jesus to lead us as we sit at their bedside, minister to their families, and bring the presence of God into their room. Many amazing miracles have happened in this process as each one "waits for their turn" to "go Home."

So this page is dedicated to the "one" waiting at the "edge of eternity" ... excerpts from Betty's journey as she has been entrusted with this precious gift of "ushering people in to the presence of God." Over the decades, there have been so many beautiful stories. However, Betty doesn't like to expose people in their most vulnerable condition. Therefore, there are no pictures taken and the names have been changed to initials so as to secure their privacy. Hence, it could be anyone's story ... we share these to encourage you to follow Jesus in going after the "one" as well.


A dear Persian lady from Iran, who received Jesus as her Saviour last year, finally got to go to Heaven, and it was on her terms! Her daughter did not want her to die alone, but in the only half hour she was alone in weeks, Jesus took her Home! In preparation for her passing, she told her daughter to give me a gift card to use for the ministry. So in her honour, I replenished our homeless supplies, adding in some children’s items. We continue to remain on call for the family as they "walk through their valley of grief."

Another dear lady, V., asked me for prayer as she faced gallbladder surgery at the age of 93!?! By the power of the Holy Spirit, I prayed that Jesus would remove the gallstones sovereignly for the sake of His name and her comfort ... Well He did! Gallstones disappeared; surgery canceled! Thankful is she! Glory to God!

A precious couple, B. & F., who've been married 65+ years ...

They are always in attendance for my “Spiritual Talks,” and she loves to sing her songs for me. Her favourite one is “Oh Happy Day!”

She has dementia and her husband, along w/a very observant staff, watch over her. Well, her husband took ill and their children have now moved them into Skilled Nursing. I went to pray with him and all he could do was talk about how much he loves his wife, saying, “Oh how I love her!”

In gentle tears, I prayed for them and Jesus brought His peace ...

Over the decades, so many souls, so many stories of God's love individually fashioned for each one. Look around your neighborhood, at the grocery store, in the line at the post office ... let Jesus touch the "one" through you.